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Issues with a single tooth can cause a lot of issues in your life. It can cause you discomfort when eating, and - if it’s visible - can make you have less self confidence about your smile.

Whether you have a tooth missing, or just some issues with one, there are various options available to help you out. The most beneficial, long term option is to have a dental implant in the form of a tooth crown. A tooth crown is a false piece of tooth which is simply placed atop the existing section of tooth. It is maintained in the same way any tooth is - by cleaning regularly.

Easier than having dentures, the crown is simply held in place by a small screw, and has little to no effect on your surrounding teeth. Though the normal implant treatment process can take up to 7 months, this is to ensure that everything is done to the highest standard, and the recovery time for your own comfort.

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Patient Reviews

""Missing teeth fixed! Mandip Grewal I have had 2 single implants in my upper jaw to replace missing molar teeth. This has helped me to carry on enjoying the foods i enjoy. Dinesh Vegad is an excellent dentist and i would not want to go any where else as i have been a long standing patient of Dr Vegad and i will continue to do so."

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