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If you need to see an endodontist in Birmingham, it’s very likely that you have a bad tooth infection. You will be in pain and it will probably have been going on, and getting worse, for several days. Your whole face and jaw, even into your neck and ear, will be throbbing.

Emotionally, you will be feeling pretty vulnerable and maybe even scared. After all, you are about to have root canal therapy, a treatment that, back in the day, had a fearsome reputation.

Dentistry has moved on so much in the past couple of decades. The dental profession has developed excellent local anaesthetics to go with a far more sensitive patient care approach. When you come to St Pauls Square Dental Practice to see Dr Ashok Reddy, a highly skilled endodontist in Birmingham, you can relax. You are in very safe, caring hands with Ash.

Endodontics is an ever-progressing field of dentistry and Dr Reddy makes sure he stays up-to-date with the latest research and developments in root canal therapy. As well as using advanced equipment such as cone beam scanning, microscopes and nickel titanium files to do his work, Ash also works hard to make sure you feel relaxed and safe during treatment. He understands that many people find going to the dentist, even just for a check-up, a daunting experience, so coming along in pain with infected teeth only serves to heighten those feelings of anxiety.

But don’t worry. Ash will make sure the area is completely numb before he does any work at all on your tooth.

Treatment is highly skilled work. Ash has to carefully clean out the infection, which means going right down into the roots to get every last bit out. Some teeth, those at the sides and back, have 3 roots, so treatment can take a while. Once the roots are cleaned out, Ash will fit you with a temporary filling. This gives a bit of time to make sure no infection is going to flare up again before a permanent filling is put in and the tooth is covered with a crown.

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