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Why you should consider dental implants in Birmingham

Looking after your smile has become easier for dentists over the years as technology has grown, improved and been refined to better care for your teeth. One particular treatment we provide for our patients hoping to keep that smile looking great for years to come are dental implants in Birmingham.

What are they?

For patients coming in for dental implants in Birmingham we basically provide a prosthetic tooth that will be inserted underneath your gums and into the bone of your jaw. This new fake addition will normally be made of ceramics or porcelain and we hold it in place in its new home with a screw that’s made from titanium to act as a tooth root. This will have been sterilised to prevent bacterial growth after surgery.

Then over time the bone should start to heal back over your titanium implant and this should provide a stable and solid platform for the new tooth to rest on.

The fitting process

Having an implant fitted is a pretty routine and quick process for our team. When you first come in you may go through a consultation meeting first that could involve an inspection and cleaning of the area that’s going to be treated.

A casting and shading match will then be performed to ensure that the new implant not only fits the area it’s being inserted into, but it also blends in with the natural colour of the surrounding teeth. Then minor surgery involving a local anaesthetic will follow, to insert the titanium screw into your jaw, when this has healed over a period of time, you will have your prosthetic fitted, with the end result being a new implant that blends right in.

When you come into St Pauls Square Dental Care our team will provide a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere for your treatments. We will also strive to have your implant fitted quickly and with minor discomfort.

Is it painful?

When referred for treatment a lot of patients will naturally ask if the procedure is going to be painful or not. In this case there will be some mild to moderate discomfort, as it does involve a degree of surgery. But again, our team will provide a local anaesthetic to the treatment site to try and reduce the amount of discomfort you will feel throughout the procedure.

Caring for your implant

After you have been fitted for your new implant all that’s left for you to do is to properly care for it and make sure that your gums stay healthy and pink as they heal. Poor oral health routine after surgery means that you open yourself up to infection, inflammation and possible degradation of the jawbone if you’re not careful.

So to keep your implant clean we recommend that you clean it at least once every day and just brush it as you would any other tooth. Although avoid pressing too hard with your brush and don’t use mouthwash, as you may irritate your gums and impact their ability to heal.

Hopefully we have cleared up a few things about our implantation process. If you would like to know more or whether you would qualify for this type of treatment, then ask at our practice on your next appointment.

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