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Why might I choose to undergo Dental Implants in Birmingham?

This form of treatment uses small titanium screws that are inserted into the gums of the mouth. A porcelain crown is then adhered to the titanium screw, giving a natural looking appearance. Single implants may be suitable for individuals who have lost or damaged a tooth, maybe through illness or an incident. Once fixed into place, a porcelain crown is simple to look after, and can be treated with the same aftercare as your normal teeth.

Are there a variety of Dental Implants in Birmingham?

Within an initial consultation with your dental healthcare professional (which we offer for free at our practice within Birmingham) your dentist will decipher which is the best treatment option for you individually (whether this be the dental severity of your case, or regarding your financial situation). Single implants are simple, and are suitable for patients who are only missing one tooth within the mouth. Single implants have no effect on surrounding teeth within the mouth, and can be a fast solution to discomfort caused by having a missing tooth (when completing daily dental tasks such as oral hygiene, eating, and drinking).

What are All on four dental implants in Birmingham?

All on four is a dental treatment that may best fit patients who have lost more than one tooth within the mouth. The bridge (consisting of porcelain crowns) is adhered to the mouth using four dental implants. This option may be suitable for patients who have had dentures previously, and now want a more permanent option. All on four implants can be cared for in the same way as normal teeth, meaning there is minimal effort when it comes to aftercare. The number of appointments for this type of dental procedure is minimal and healing time from this procedure varies greatly depending on the individual case.

How do I start the dental implant process?

If you are a patient who is simply unsure of which dental implant option is best suited for your individual case, then we recommend an initial consultation with us here at St Paul’s Square Dental Practice. During an initial consultation, we will decipher which dental implant is best for you (depending on the amount of teeth you’re missing, and your financial situation). We offer initial consultations at no cost.

You can apply or enquire for an initial consultation online, and book directly on our website.

You may wish to contact us directly on our telephone number, if you wish for a more direct approach. During your initial consultation, your dental healthcare professional may map out where the implants will be placed, as well as preparing the mouth for treatment. Treatment time varies greatly, however a check-up is recommended every six months, in order to ensure everything is progressing correctly.

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