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Why might I choose to have veneers in Birmingham?

Veneers are essentially thin caps of material that are adhered to the surface of the teeth using a special dental glue. In order to attach the veneers to the teeth, a small amount of tooth surface is removed, this is a small price to pay to receive an aesthetically pleasing and natural looking smile. Veneers in Birmingham are a form of cosmetic dentistry, as they aim to improve the aesthetic appearance of the smile. An individual may choose to undergo porcelain or composite veneers if they wish to improve their appearance of their smile. Veneers are custom made wafer thin sheets of material that can either consist of a porcelain or composite material.

What tooth imperfections can Veneers in Birmingham solve?

Although veneers are a form of cosmetic dentistry, they do solve a variety of visual imperfections of the teeth. Patients who suffer from discolouration of the teeth may choose to undergo either porcelain or composite veneers (staining may be intrinsic or extrinsic and can be caused by highly pigmented foods and drinks, as well as certain lifestyle choices such as smoking). Teeth that are either slightly chipped, or crooked may be perfect for veneers, if they are unable to be fixed by forms of orthodontics.If your veneers have been damaged, or have suffered other alterations, then we can replace them for you. Composite and porcelain veneers are both custom made, in order to match perfectly the shape, shade and length of your natural teeth.

How long does the process take?

If you are an individual who wishes to have veneers, you may wish for almost immediate treatment, at our surgery within Birmingham we can offer same day veneers for patients who have a busy schedule, and need a dental treatment that suits them.

Veneers may be thought of as to take a long time, however the preparation, and fitting of the porcelain or composite veneers can take as little as two hours, this can be perfect for patients who have a hectic lifestyle.

How do I book a veneer appointment?

If you are looking to undergo a set of veneers, we recommend you start with an initial consultation. During an initial consultation, you can speak to our dental healthcare professional, and we can decipher which is the best form of treatment is for you individually, depending on your situation, financially, and in terms of the severity of your dental situation. You can book an initial consultation online, by filling in a few of your personal details. If you would prefer a more direct approach, our telephone number is also available on our website.

Why choose us to undergo your dental treatment?

At our surgery we pride ourselves on our professionalism, and the priority of our patients level of care and comfort, whilst they are undergoing treatment with us. We fully understand that some patients may associate the dentist with anxiety, and therefore may feel nervous when visiting a dentist surrounding, we aim to put our patients at ease.


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