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Why might I choose to have braces in Birmingham?

If your teeth are not straight then you may require a form of orthodontics that work by putting pressure on your teeth, in order to encourage them to move in a certain direction. Thin metal wires are adhered to brackets on the teeth, using special dental glue, which move the teeth in a straighter direction, giving a straighter and more natural appearance.

Are there alternatives to traditional metal braces in Birmingham?

Many patients may wish to have a more subtle orthodontic treatment than the traditional teeth straightening appliances can offer, due to several reasons. Patients may feel embarrassed or have low self confidence, and therefore desire a more natural looking appliance when undergoing orthodontics.

The most popular alternative to traditional aligners are clear aligners. Patients often hold the misconception that Invisalign is the name of the clear aligners, however Invisalign is just the largest provider of this form of orthodontics.

How do clear aligners work and why might I choose this form of braces in Birmingham?

Clear aligners are similar to a form of orthodontic aftercare known as retainers. Clear aligners work by refreshing the mould of the teeth every several weeks, in order to slowly encourage them to move in a certain direction (producing a straight and natural looking smile). Clear aligners have risen greatly in popularity within recent years, due to their comfortable wearing design, and their discreet appearance. Clear aligners are removed to eat, clean, and floss the teeth, working around your schedule.

How long do I have to wear clear aligners for?

As like any other dental or orthodontic treatment, each patient’s treatment time will vary greatly, depending on their individual circumstances. For more severe dental cases the treatment time may be up to fifteen months, however if the patient has undergone orthodontics previously, the treatment period may be as short as nine months. The amount of aligners used within a patient’s treatment time also varies, but can be anywhere between eighteen, to upwards of thirty aligners.

Are there other forms of subtle aligners?

An Inman aligner is one example of an orthodontic alternative to the traditional metal aligners. After an initial consultation, an impression of your teeth will be taken, to create the custom made Inman aligners. These are used for patients who wish for a rapid treatment time when aligning the front of the teeth. The treatment time for this specific form of orthodontic treatment can be as short as six to eighteen weeks. These will have to be worn for long periods during the day, and require regular check up appointments for optimum results.

What are Lingual braces?

Lingual braces work in a similar way as traditional ones, however they hold the advantage of being virtually invisible, as the dental wire is adhered to the inner teeth. Lingual braces are cheaper than clear aligners, and produce the same results.

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