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What to consider when choosing the right type of dental braces for you

Without being fully informed about the pros and cons and unique features of each type of braces in Birmingham that are available to them, patients will be ill-equipped to make the right choice for their individual situation. It can be so easy to be led by the choice of others, but this is not always the most reliable way to choose an orthodontic device to give you the outcome you desire.

Each type of braces in Birmingham feature a unique design dedicated to correcting teeth alignment issues, impaired jaw functions and crooked bite problems. The world of orthodontics has evolved to offer patients the option of choosing conventional orthodontic devices that are still relevant to orthodontic treatment plans, and more modern dental instruments like discreet-looking braces in Birmingham. We take a look at some of the common factors that our patients at St Pauls Square Dental Practice take into consideration when having to make a decision.

What to consider when wanting an aesthetically-enhanced smile

● The look of the orthodontic device

How concerned are you about having others know that you are receiving orthodontic treatment? Not all patients are comfortable with wearing orthodontic devices that are highly visible to others. For patients who have such concerns they may want to have a closer look at clear braces that are designed to be barely noticeable, so that no one can easily discern that they are wearing them.

● The feel of the orthodontic device when worn

All types of orthodontic devices will feel foreign to the mouth initially until the patient becomes used to having them on the teeth, but the difference comes in with how each type feels when worn. Conventional braces made out of metal components can feel as though they rub against the inside of the mouth, which can be uncomfortable for some patients. Transparent plastic aligner trays that mould the dental arch do not have the same effect, which is why many find them more comfortable.

● The amount of effort needed to maintain daily oral hygiene routines

It is the duty of every patient on an orthodontic treatment plan to be extra vigilant in their dental hygiene responsibilities, however, some orthodontic devices are much easier to clean than others. Make sure to ask our dental practitioner what is required for each type before making a decision, as your choice will have implications that will affect your lifestyle.

● How often are dental practice appointments required?

The number of times a patient will have to visit the dentist whilst on their orthodontic treatment plan will depend on the type of orthodontic device chosen. Orthodontic devices that require manual adjustment by a dental practitioner will require more scheduled dental appointments when compared to aligner tray systems.

● Cost of orthodontic treatment

There are different factors that affect the price tag of orthodontic treatments. Our dental practitioner will talk you through these differences so that you can choose the treatment plan that you are comfortable with.

Please contact us at St Pauls Square Dental Practice to learn more about the orthodontic devices we have available.


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