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What does an endodontist in Birmingham do?

Imagine coming into our dental practice for your regular examination, and you are informed that you require a root canal treatment. The first reaction from most of our patients is shock and fear.

Patients can be so afraid of a root canal that they never come back when told that they require this treatment. Root canals are noted among the most unpleasant of procedures and there are many horror stories that compound the fear in patients who don’t exactly know what it is.

In reality, this treatment is a specialised treatment that offers the highest quality of care which results in beneficial and positive results. More importantly, you should never delay or put off visiting an endodontist in Birmingham if you have been advised to do so. It is often necessary to save your tooth.

The infection worsens until treated

When you postpone a root canal, the tooth infection will not heal on its own. Instead, the disease worsens by the day when you don’t get treatment. We advise our patients to allow our endodontist in Birmingham to perform the procedure right away to repair the damaged tooth. Untreated tooth infections are likely to spread to other teeth or parts of your body, causing serious health implications.

You should never postpone a root canal unless you want to remain in pain. Root canals are often necessary when the inner pulp of your tooth becomes infected. The pulp is softer than the other outer parts of your tooth.

Cracks and tooth decay infect your teeth, which necessitates a root canal. The pain as a result of an infected and decaying tooth can be unbearable. The pain will only get worse if you don’t get a root canal done right away.

You won’t save money

One of the excuses that patients give us as to why they postpone or put off a root canal is to save money. You may be thinking that failing to get a root canal can save you money used for the procedure. In reality, you might end up spending more money when you delay it as opposed to getting it done right away.

We advise patients to visit our dental offices for a root canal as soon as our endodontist in Birmingham recommend the procedure. The cost of tooth extraction and replacing it with a restoration later is more costly than the price of a root canal procedure. Therefore, think again before putting off a root canal.

You could lose your tooth

Problems arising with your teeth when a root canal is required will not get better over time unless you get the treatment. You probably think that you can mask the pain by taking painkillers. While you might achieve this, you are not likely to stop further decay.

While root canals are not a fun procedure, they are not as bad as you have been made to believe. We have a team of caring, considerate and passionate professionals who will make the treatment as comfortable as possible. It is worth visiting us for a root canal as opposed to living with the infection and pain.

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