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What do patients want to know most about porcelain veneers?

Aesthetic changes to the look of teeth have a transformative effect on the appearance of a smile and veneers in Birmingham can make for an ideal choice to correct teeth imperfections. Veneers in Birmingham are used to cosmetically enhance the size and shape of teeth, as well as address discolouration issues. At the end of treatment patients can expect to show off a stunning natural-looking smile. To achieve this goal our dental practitioners experienced in carrying out cosmetic dental procedures at St Pauls Square Dental Practice, will consider facial factors, such as face contour and skin tone, to determine a tailor-made treatment in veneers in Birmingham suitable for a patient.

Veneers are available in composite materials as well as porcelain, with the choice in materials offering a particular set of plus points. We take a look at some of the common questions asked by patients about this type of cosmetic dental solution.

Patient questions regarding porcelain veneers

● What does a porcelain veneer treatment include?

Veneer treatments fall into the sphere of cosmetic dentistry, and as such, require a professional dental practitioner to assess the oral health of the patient before the patient can receive treatment. This is so because optimal teeth and gum health is a requirement to ensure that the cosmetic dental treatment is successful and effective. Patients fail to realise that any underlying dental condition, that is not treated with quality dental care, puts at risk any cosmetic procedure.

If oral health is deemed in good condition at consultation (an oral examination will be conducted), the dental practitioner will talk the patient through on what to expect. Porcelain veneers are custom-made shell-like coverings or caps that are bonded to the surface of the tooth to conceal blemishes, discolouration and misshapen teeth. Depending on the issues the patient has with their teeth, a dental practitioner may need to prepare the teeth for veneers before bonding the veneer to the tooth.

● Why should I choose porcelain veneers?

Due to the durability of the materials used to make porcelain veneers, this type of cosmetic dental solution is ideal for patients who are looking for lifelike solutions that offer relatively longer service life.

● How does one maintain or care for veneers?

A dental practitioner can advise on the most suitable dental products to use when cleaning teeth that have received veneers. Not all dental products can be used as some, such as tooth whitening products that can be bought conveniently at the shop and which contain ingredients that have an abrasive effect on teeth, can damage veneers. Scheduled check-ups at the dental clinic are also one of the good guidelines to abide by to protect the investment in veneers.

● Do I need dental care before I can receive veneers?

This depends on the patient’s individual case with regard to their overall dental health. Sometimes a patient may need orthodontic treatment before receiving veneers, as veneers are mostly reserved for minor teeth imperfections.

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