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What can I expect from an Endodontist in Birmingham?

Endodontists are dental healthcare professionals who focus on diagnosing tooth pain, and therefore focusing on the pulp (inside of the tooth). Endodontists also focus on saving and preventing the loss of a diseased teeth. An individual may choose to see an Endodontist in Birmingham for a variety of reasons, one of which being if they wish to undergo a root canal treatment. This differs to a normal dentist or orthodontist due to the dental work they specialise in. Endodontists specialise in the prevention, damage, and treatment of the teeth, including dental pulp. You may be referred to an Endodontist in Birmingham if you need root canal surgery or need teeth saving. Endodontists have undergone further dental education and training in order to provide their patients with the best possible treatments, (two years further dental training). Most patients aim for a natural looking smile and may therefore wish to maintain and perfect their existing teeth.

When should I visit an Endodontist in Birmingham?

Many patients choose to put off the dentist for many reasons, one of which may be the financial demands of dental work, or due to a general anxiety surrounding the dentists or other dental healthcare surroundings. A patient should visit their dentist if they are experiencing pain within the inside of the tooth (this may be extreme sensitivity in cold or warm temperatures). Patients may choose to visit their local dentistry surgery first, and then may be referred for endodontics by their dentist later on in the process (or after an initial consultation).

What kind of dental treatments do endodontists perform?

Endodontists primarily perform root canal treatments, however they also perform other dental surgeries and treatments. Endodontists also insert dental implants as well as addressing traumatic dental injuries or incidents. Only 3% of dental healthcare professionals (dentists) are specialised Endodontists, meaning they are highly regarded and may be preferred for specialised treatments.

What do they differ from a dentist?

One example of the difference between the two dental healthcare professionals is that Endodontists may perform over 20 root canal treatments over several weeks, however dentists may only perform one or two. Dentists provide a wider variety of dental treatments, whereas Endodontists are limited to the services that come under the endodontic dental treatment category.

Why choose us?

Patients may be keen to choose us to undergo their endodontic treatment due to our high quality and professional level of dental care. A root canal treatment is very different from normal and general family dentistry, which is why our specialists will ensure you receive the best quality endodontic work available within Birmingham. An endodontic treatment requires an endodontic microscope as well as a specialised CT scan, as it is important to ensure all root canals are located and treated within the mouth, which is why only the best and newest dental technology is used.

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