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What can braces In Birmingham do?

Orthodontics within modern dentistry can come in a multitude of forms, one of which being traditional metal braces. Discreet forms of orthodontics consist of lingual, clear aligners, fastbraces, and Inman aligners. Orthodontics aim to deal with the overbite of the jaw, and correction of teeth that may be displaced within the mouth. Having braces can also alter the spacing of the teeth within the mouth. Although braces are usually viewed as simply cosmetic, braces as a form of orthodontics can also contribute to healthy gums and overall increase in dental health.

Are there different types of braces in Birmingham?

There are a variety of types of braces on offer within modern orthodontics, such as more discreet options. Orthodontic advances over the years have resulted in patients’ options being expanded taking into account changing lifestyles and levels of expectation. Traditional metal braces may not be a viable option for working professionals who feel as if obvious orthodontics may hinder their career prospects. Young adolescents and teens may also wish for orthodontics that are more subtle than traditional metal braces if they suffer from low self-confidence, which can be common with teenagers. However, teenagers may also find that the traditional brace provides the more desirable end result, as their teeth will still be developing.

How do braces in Birmingham work?

All braces aim for the same result, an aesthetically pleasing and healthy smile, although they may do this in different ways. Traditional metal and white coloured braces aim to place pressure on the teeth. Placing pressure on the teeth slowly encourages them to move in a certain direction, resulting in straighter and more beautifully aligned teeth. Metal brackets are adhered to the front surface of the teeth using a special dental glue, metal wires are then clipped into place, these are the main straightening agents of the teeth. Tooth coloured braces work in the same way as traditional metal braces however they offer a more subtle alternative, as they are partly tooth coloured (brackets) and partly transparent (wire).

What are clear aligners and why may I choose to receive clear aligners in Birmingham?

Clear aligners are similar to orthodontic aftercare (retainers). It is a common misconception that clear aligners are called Invisalign, this is simply the trade name of one provider of orthodontic treatment. Clear aligners are discussed within an initial consultation as to their suitability, X-rays and moulds are taken of the mouth, these are then sent off to the clear aligner provider. Clear aligners are refreshed every few weeks in order to slowly move the teeth in a positive direction. Clear aligners are perfect for patients who do not wish to undergo obvious orthodontics.

What about costs?

At our surgery in Birmingham we may offer a tailored finance plan specifically for you. Monthly finance plans can allow patients with low incomes to afford private dental healthcare, to the highest level of quality. However all financial options need to be discussed with your practitioner. We do endeavour to be entirely transparent about our fees for any treatments from the outset.

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