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What are Endodontics In Birmingham?

Endodontics is essentially a form of dentistry that focuses primarily on the inside of the tooth, this is referred to as the pulp of the tooth. Root canal work focuses on deciphering any infections or diseases of the tooth, and administering a treatment. Infection can spread throughout the root canal system and can lead to an abscess, which can cause intense discomfort for our patients. Our dental team may recommend root canal work to prevent the tooth having to be removed in the future.

Why choose our dental clinic to receive Endodontics In Birmingham

Our dental clinic within Birmingham offers a patient centred approach, delivering high quality dental treatments to patients of all ages, and severity. Our dental clinic has been administering a high standard of private care for over thirty-five years, meaning you will be in trusted hands. Our clinic not only attracts patients locally, but also from countries such as Spain, Canada, and Portugal, and we believe this speaks volumes. Choosing a dental clinic for any dental treatment can be tough, however our caring, professional, and relaxed dental approach means we are an excellent choice. If you are a patient who is looking for Endodontics In Birmingham then our clinic is for you. Meet our dental team

Our dental clinic boasts a fantastic team of highly skilled and friendly individuals. Many of our staff have been with us for over ten years, contributing to the friendly and familiar dental approach we wish to promote. Our excellent team consists of dentists, hygienists, orthodontists, and a welcoming reception team. In 2010 our clinic was joined by Dr Damien McLaughin, Dr Dominic Mclaughlin, and Dr Ashok Readdy, and they immediately embraced our approach, and continue to deliver outstanding dental care to all of our patients. How to start your treatment journey

Located on our website, we offer our potential patients a wide array of contact details. Many of our patients may feel as if they are too busy to give us a call or visit us directly, which is why we offer an online consultation form. How it works

Our online forms allows our patients to fill in a few personal details, the treatment they wish to receive, and the time slot that works for them, ensuring ultimate flexibility. A more direct approach

Our initial consultation forms are an excellent way for patients to receive their first appointment for free; however, some patients may prefer an alternative form of contact. Our telephone number and email address is always on our website, allowing our patients to voice any queries or concerns they may have, or simply book their first apartment. Feeling anxious?

Our team has several years of experience dealing with patients who may suffer from anxiety within a dental environment (referred to as a dental phobia’). If you are suffering from nerves, you may feel more comfortable having a face-to-face conversation with a member of our dental team. Aside from voicing your worries, you may also feel more comfortable by familiarising yourself with our dental clinic, which we always encourage.

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