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What are endodontics, and why do some patients need Endodontics at your dental clinic?

Endodontics in Birmingham are essentially a form of dentistry that aims to preserve the teeth. Endodontics is also commonly referred to as root canal treatment, and may be suitable for individuals who are suffering from an infection of the tooth pulp (inside of the tooth). Root canal therapy is a form of dental treatment that may be required when patients are suffering from an infected, or damaged pulp. This particular treatment aims to remove the infection from the pulp, as well as preserve the largest amount of the natural tooth as physically possible. The time taken to conduct root canal therapy varies greatly, but patients are given a local anaesthetic to ensure minimal discomfort is experienced.

Endodontists who perform endodontic dental treatments are dental healthcare professionals who have undergone further dental training. Endodontics requires several further years of study in comparison to standard dentistry. At our dental clinic our trained professional Ashok Reddy is our ‘endodontic expert’. Ashok graduated from the University of Liverpool and further received a MSC in endodontics in Manchester.

Ashok is a great addition to our team at our St Pauls Square Dental Practice in Birmingham, this is due to the fact that he stays up to date with the newest dental technologies available to adopt at our clinic. Ashok does not just work with us at our clinic, he also travels across the country to perform endodontic treatments for a wide variety of patients. Endodontics is a highly specialised dental treatment, and should therefore be undertaken with care. At our clinic we use a mixture of both a CT scanner, as well as an endodontic microscope to diagnose and implement our treatments. In our practice, we understand that this particular dental treatment needs a professional, which is why we only allow our trained endodontist to carry out this form of procedure.

Have other patients been satisfied with their endodontics in Birmingham treatment?

Yes! At our clinic we understand that choosing a dental clinic can be extremely difficult. Individuals may decide to undergo their dental treatment at their local clinic based on location, proximity, price, or convenience. Dental treatments can require both emotional and financial investment, which is why we display a wide array of our happy customer testimonials on our website.

How do I start the process of endodontics in Birmingham?

If you are a patient looking to undergo endodontic dental treatments with us, then you can easily book an initial consultation via our website. At the bottom of our page we have given our patients a small range of fields within which to fill in their key details, as well as their dental concerns.

What if I feel nervous about having dental treatments?

Individuals may feel varying levels of anxiety when visiting us, but we always try to comfort our nervous patients and ensure that they feel at ease when undergoing treatment with us. Individuals may feel nervous for a wide array of reasons, one of which can often be a form of dental phobia. A dental phobia (also commonly referred to as an irrational fear) may be triggered by negative childhood experiences, and can unfortunately be carried into adulthood. We always endeavour to make your dental experience as soothing and seamless as possible.

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