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What are Dental implants In Birmingham?

Dental Implants are a popular form of restorative dentistry which strives to restore the function, and the aesthetic appearance, of the teeth. Dental Implants aim to mimic the natural tooth's root and crown. Dental implants essentially consist of three aspects, the first being the titanium screw. The titanium screw is inserted into the jaw, acting as a stable base for both the abutment, and the crown.

How do Dental implants In Birmingham work?

After the stable base is inserted, it needs to be left to fuse with the jaw in order to act as a secure base. A healing time of around six to nine months is required until the abutment and the crown can be attached, during this time a temporary crown can be attached to ensure our patients' smiles are never aesthetically compromised.

The next step

After the base is fused, the abutment can be attached to link the dental screw to the porcelain crown.

Tailor made for you

Many of our patients may feel self-conscious with a missing tooth, they will wish for an aesthetically pleasing replacement. Each of our dental implants are custom made, and matched for each patient's natural surrounding shape and shade of teeth. Aside from their natural appearance, Dental implants In Birmingham have many life benefits.

Life benefits of receiving this form of restorative dentistry

Dental implants are one of the best forms of tooth replacement available within the field of dentistry. They are a long term solution to one, or even multiple missing teeth within the mouth. Dental implants are not an instant solution, but within six months our patients can eat, drink, and partake in all daily dental tasks without any discomfort, or pain.

Aside from functional restoration, dental implants can help eliminate the chance of facial sloping, which can be a result of missing teeth.

How to correctly care for your dental implants

After your dental implants have completely healed, patients can enjoy a new stable, and healthy, replacement tooth. Many of our patients may be surprised when they hear how simple the dental implant aftercare regime can be. Dental implants do not require a rigorous after care routine, they can be cared for in the same way as natural teeth, and can last more than twenty years.

How much do Dental Implants cost?

Many of our patients may be unsure of the exact cost of their dental implant treatment, however, the truth is the cost may vary depending on the severity of the individual case.

Do I have to pay for my dental implant up front?

No! We understand that despite our patients opting for private dental care, they may wish to pay for their treatment in monthly installments. Our clinic offers finance options including interest free finance plans for patients who wish for a twelve month payment plan, as well as a five year installment plan with low interest.

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