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What are Dental Implants and why may I choose to seek Dental Implants in Birmingham?

Dental implants are essentially a dental solution to the loss of one or several teeth either through health reasons or incident. An individual who may choose to undergo Dental Implants is one that is looking for a long term solution as well as a naturally aesthetic appearance. Dental Implants consist of three main parts: the crown, the connector, and the base. The crown is the tooth looking part of the dental implant, which is made from ceramic, and aims to be extremely similar looking to the natural tooth. Dental crowns are specifically tailored for you, meaning the shape and shade of the porcelain crown is matched to your natural teeth. The connector part of the dental implant is also commonly known as the ‘abutment’ the connector is essentially used to secure the porcelain crown to the base. The connector or the ‘abutment’ is often shaped in an octagon or hexagon shape. The base of the Dental Implant is the part that fuses with the natural bone within the mouth, this aims to provide a secure base for the porcelain crown.

What can I expect from the dental implant process?

Nervous patients may feel better if they experience an initial consultation. Within an initial consultation your dental healthcare professional may discuss all aspects of the dental implant process, as well as which option may be best for you, and your individual case.

Within the treatment process you will be placed under a form of sedation to ensure the lowest level of discomfort is experienced. A dental drill will be used during surgery to make a small hole within the base of the bone, the gum is then placed over in order to let it heal. The top of the implant (the porcelain crown) as well as the connector is placed in a second part of the surgery process, once the first aspect has healed. The crown is attached to the connector using a tiny screw and a special dental glue adhesive.

What happens if I have lost one tooth?

If you have lost just one single tooth within the mouth, then single Dental Implants in Birmingham may be right for you. Losing one tooth in the mouth can cause major disruption to your daily eating and dental health care regime. Dental implants with a crown are the simplest form of implant, and can have a seven month healing time.

What can I do if I have lost several teeth?

If you have lost several or even a whole row of teeth within the mouth then dental implants can be used as a long term solution. Dental bridges or dentures are ideal for patients who have lost more than one tooth. Dental bridges are adhered to several dental implants, and can serve as a natural and long term solution to missing teeth. Bridges work in the same way as dental implants with porcelain crowns, however there are more than one crown adhered to the dental implant. The treatment period of bridges can vary greatly from patient to patient (depending on the severity of the case) but it typically lasts around 5-7 months.

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