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What are dental implants, and how could dental implants benefit me?

Dental implants in Birmingham are essentially a form of restorative dentistry that aims to replace the natural tooth's root, and crown within the mouth. Dental implants consist of three aspects, the base, the connector, and the porcelain crown. The replacement of the natural tooth root means that the jawbone can be stimulated to promote bone density and the implant can also act as a stable base upon which to attach a prosthetic tooth or teeth for patients suffering from missing teeth within the mouth.

The base of the dental implant is a small titanium screw that is inserted into the skull, and the prosthetic can normally only be attached once the area is fully healed. The connector (also commonly referred to as an abutment) acts as a link between the titanium screw and the porcelain crown. The porcelain crown is the most visible aspect of the treatment and therefore needs to be the most aesthetically pleasing. Our dental professionals endeavour to ensure it is matched perfectly to the shade, and shape of the patient’s surrounding natural teeth.

Why may individuals be advised to accept dental implants in Birmingham?

Individuals who are advised to have dental implants may have lost one or even several teeth within the mouth, but this form of restorative dentistry may also be suitable for individuals who have dentures, and may wish for stabilisation. Individuals who have lost teeth, either due to health reasons or accidental causes may be advised that dental implants at our clinic could be very beneficial for them.

Why is it important to have dental implants in Birmingham if advised to?

Individuals who suffer with lost teeth from within the mouth may not realise the health concerns related to missing teeth. Patients with missing teeth are more prone to bacteria build-up inside the gap where their tooth ought to be, which can lead to the development of many oral diseases such as gum disease. Missing teeth in the mouth can also cause overcrowding, as surrounding teeth tend to move towards the empty gap. Individuals with missing teeth can endure various levels of discomfort when attempting to complete daily oral tasks, such as eating and cleaning their teeth. Having a missing tooth can cause individuals to suffer from decreased self-confidence, as well as speech difficulties. Aesthetically, it is important for individuals to replace their missing teeth as missing teeth can cause facial disfigurements, implants therefore reinforce stability of the teeth and jaw.

Do dental implants require extensive aftercare?

No! Many patients ask us whether dental implants require a lengthy aftercare regime, however this is not the case. Patients will have to follow a sensible dental aftercare regime, but they can look after their implants just like their normal teeth. After the dental implants are fully healed, patients can eat normally, as well as brush their teeth and partake in other daily dental tasks with ease. The healing time for patients varies greatly, depending on the number of implants given and the patient’s healing abilities.

How do I know if dental implants at your clinic are right for me?

We understand that choosing a dental clinic to provide your dental treatment can be extremely difficult. Individuals may base their dentist decision on a wide array of factors, such as location, cost, and convenience. Individuals choosing to undergo any form of dental treatment may have to invest both emotionally as well as financially in it. At our dental clinic in Birmingham we have our patient testimonials available on our website, to ensure that potential patients can read about the experiences of previous patients undergoing the same treatment, and what the benefits of it are.

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