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What are Braces In Birmingham?

Braces are essentially a dental treatment used for patients who wish to realign, reposition, and therefore straighten their teeth. Aside from general realigning, braces can also be used to treat a frontal protrusion of the teeth referred to as an 'overbite'. Braces within modern dentistry come in many forms.

How do traditional metal braces In Birmingham produce results?

Traditional metal braces use a combination of both metal wires and brackets, these are adhered to the teeth using a special dental adhesive to encourage the teeth to move into a desired position. All braces work by applying pressure on the teeth; however, they do so in varying ways. What are Clear Braces In Birmingham?

Clear braces are a form of braces we use at our clinic to discreetly straighten our patients teeth. Clear braces can be used for patients as their 'first time' braces; however, they can also be used to refresh previous orthodontic results. Invisalign are extremely popular worldwide, this may be due to their invisible appearance, but also due to their effective, and fast acting, results. Invisalign, at our clinic

At our dental clinic we refer to Invisalign as the ‘no braces way to straighten your teeth’, this is due to their plastic transparent trays, which fit to each of our patient's teeth. Invisalign promotes a comfortable orthodontic experience, with no metal work, there is also minimal chance of any abrasion to the gums or cheeks. Aside from their comfort, invisalign are removable! This can be a huge advantage for many of our patients who have hectic work and social schedules, and may wish to embrace their flexible nature. How do they really work?

Many patients may have heard of ‘Invisalign’, however; they may be unsure of the treatment process. Although we always inform our patients that treatment varies on the individual dental case, there is a standard process. An initial consultation is always done. During your first appointment, impressions will be taken of your mouth, as well as the number of aligners expected to be used, and the expected treatment time. After your impressions have been delivered to our clinic within Birmingham, the treatment process can begin. How to achieve your dream smile

The clear aligner trays are replaced every few weeks, this means you may have to visit our clinic to receive your new transparent trays. In terms of the length of expected treatment, this can vary from as little as nine months, to as long as thirty months. On average however; clear aligners are worn from as little as eighteen to thirty weeks. Do you offer alternative forms of subtle orthodontics?

Yes! Despite Invisalign being a popular choice for our patients, Lingual braces may also be a viable option. Lingual Braces use metal plates and wires which are customised for each individual patient, and are placed behind the teeth to ensure they are invisible to onlookers. Lingual braces cause minimal abrasion to the gums, as well as a reduced level of speech impairment, which can be an advantage for many.

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