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What are braces, and why might I be looking for braces at your dental clinic?

Braces in Birmingham are essentially a form of orthodontics, which help to move, and reduce crookedness in the alignment of a patient’s teeth. Despite all forms of braces aiming for the same goal of a straight and aesthetically pleasing smile, all braces attempt to perform this in varying ways. Traditional metal braces are typically thought of as the only form of brace, but this is not the case, however for some patients, especially younger patients they may be the best form of orthodontics. Traditional metal braces work by slowly encouraging the teeth to move in a certain direction, resulting in a straighter smile, but for many patients the same service can be performed by other types of braces. Individuals may choose to have braces fitted at our dental clinic in Birmingham due to our wide array of satisfied patient testimonials, and the way in which we treat our patients with professionalism and courtesy, and our dental work with dedication.

Do you offer a variety of braces in Birmingham?

Individuals may not wish to wear traditional metal braces, due to their stereotypical unsightly appearance, as well as the stereotype of children undergoing this particular type of orthodontics. At our clinic in Birmingham we offer a wide array of more discreet orthodontic treatments, such as clear aligners. Clear aligners, and Inman aligners are just a few examples of the more subtle orthodontic treatments we can offer our patients.

What are clear aligners, and why might an individual choose this particular form of braces in Birmingham?

Clear aligners could be argued as the most popular form of subtle orthodontics, as well as the most aesthetically pleasing form of braces. Clear aligners are transparent trays made from plastic, which are inserted into the mouth. Clear aligners are commonly referred to as ‘Invisalign’ however this is not the name of the form of orthodontics, but is just one provider of clear aligners. At our dental clinic we offer Invisalign aligners to our patients who do not wish to undergo the fitting of traditional metal braces, if appropriate. Certain patients may feel as if obvious orthodontics can hinder their career prospects, which is why they may lean more towards clear aligners. Individuals who have previously undergone a form of orthodontics may decide to have clear aligners at a later stage, if they have failed to maintain their straight smile.

Clear aligners are an attractive option for patients who do not wish for other individuals to see their dental work.

Are clear aligners the only form of subtle braces?

No! Despite Invisalign being extremely popular at our dental clinic, we also have other options which may suit our patients better financially. Lingual braces are just one example of a range of subtle braces we offer at our clinic, and are not obvious to other people when being worn. Lingual braces are unique in the way that they are adhered to the back of the teeth, and are therefore not obvious in any way. Lingual braces are unobtrusive, and a very good alternative to Invisalign for our patients.

What are the benefits of lingual braces?

Lingual braces are great for patients who do not wish to pay the higher price for clear aligners, but still wish to avoid obvious orthodontics (such as traditional metal braces). Lingual braces are unique in the way that they work quickly, whilst sitting discreetly at the back of the teeth. Lingual braces cause less damage to surrounding gums within the mouth and cause minimal speech impairment in comparison to some other types of brace. We can always advise on the best treatment for a particular patient’s dental realignment in order for them to obtain their desired outcome.


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