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Transform your appearance thanks to cosmetic dentistry

We all have our imperfections, we don’t have to like them. Wouldn’t it be nice to wave a wand and change those certain parts? Various treatments in cosmetic dentistry in Birmingham are a kind of magic for your teeth. While we cannot promise you a perfect smile and teeth overnight, we can assure you that in time, using our methods, you can accentuate your natural beauty.

From teeth whitening and veneers to dental implants and braces, our team at St Paul’s Square Dental offer a range of cosmetic procedures to enhance your facial features.

A brighter smile in 60 minutes

Our once bright teeth lose their shine over time, and when we do not brush them adequately enough, our pearly whites turn an unsightly yellow colour due to plaque building up.

Teeth whitening is the quickest way of transforming your smile. Have them professionally treated by an oral hygienist or administer the treatment by yourself with DIY kits. Your teeth are bleached between three to eight shades lighter using a gel containing hydrogen peroxide.

Regain your confidence and quality of life with flawless artificial teeth

Dental implants need no introduction. They are the most popular method for replacing missing teeth for a variety of reasons.

For those of you who do not know, the tooth is replaced at the root by titanium screws. The screws are drilled into the jawbone, and overtime, fuse with the bone and become part of the mouth. Through this process, your replacement tooth closely resembles a natural one. It looks the same and has a role to play in your mouth - it will not get in the way of eating, chewing and speaking, but it will help to stimulate bone growth lost from years of wearing dentures.

Crooked teeth do not have to be your reality

So bad genetics have left you with teeth you find unattractive.

Luckily for you, modern orthodontics have invented several types of straightening aids that correct teeth, bites, unsightly gaps and those spaces between your teeth.

The mechanics of braces are straightforward, brackets are glued to the enamel of your teeth using a special adhesive. A thin wire is then fed through the brackets and held in place with rubber elastics.

Braces have come a long way since their first introduction to society, which means that if you would prefer something more discreet than the metal kind, alternative methods are in reach. Clear braces are perfect for self-conscious adults and children. They work identically to conventional ones in the way they straighten teeth, the only difference is the brackets stuck to your teeth are made from tooth-coloured ceramic, not steel. Their barely visible appearance is what attracts people the most.

When you should consider veneers

Cracked a tooth and want to cover it up quickly? Veneers are a thin material that is bonded to the enamel of the damaged tooth. It fashions your tooth's shape, colour and shape, so people will not notice the difference.

The treatment is reserved for minor impacts, so if you have suffered extensive damage that has left you with a half-broken teeth, it is in your interest to consult with your dentist and consider surgery.

Look radiant with white, straight and perfect teeth thanks to advances in cosmetic dentistry in Birmingham.


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