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Teeth for life, even after a bad infection

Toothache. Intense and severe pain that starts in your tooth but somehow manages to travel along your jaw and into your ear, your neck, your head, where it throbs and throbs, never going away, only getting worse.

That toothache is an infection that has got into the pulp of your teeth, where it is attacking the nerve. Pressure is building up from the collection of pus (dead white blood cells that have died in the fight to kill off the infection) that is now collecting at the base of your tooth, forming an abscess. This is often the start of the need for endodontics in Birmingham.

Endodontics in Birmingham is the dental term for root canal therapy. This is the treatment you will need to preserve that infected tooth, once we have got all the infected material out.

Our highly skilled endodontist is Dr Ashok Reddy. He will start the treatment by giving you a local anaesthetic and making sure the area is completely numb. The next step is to clean out your tooth. Your tooth can survive very well without the pulp.

Cleaning is a highly skilled procedure to remove any residual pulp (the living part of the tooth with blood vessels and nerves), using advanced tools such as a microscope and nickel titanium files, and advanced techniques. Dr Reddy has to make sure to clean out the tooth roots (some teeth have 3 roots) without getting any saliva in the tooth. It can take up to 2 hours to clean out a premolar or molar.

Once it has been thoroughly cleaned out, Dr Reddy will fill the gap with a temporary filling. This is to give the tooth time to settle down. When you come back some time later, Dr Reddy will check there is no residual infection before permanently filling the tooth.

You will need at least 2 visits to complete treatment with endodontics in Birmingham. After the tooth is filled, Dr Reddy often needs to protect the entire tooth with a crown. This is made to colour-match the rest of your teeth so that it blends in entirely.

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