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Should you consider dental implants in Birmingham?

In days gone by, people who had missing teeth had two choices: put up with them or get dentures. Thankfully, dentistry has evolved to a point where you can now get dental implants in Birmingham which look extremely natural and don’t cause any discomfort or inconvenience that is associated with dentures.

An implant is a tiny screw that is composed of titanium. It is fixed into the gum so that a missing tooth can be permanently replaced in the most stable way possible. It can also be used to support existing dentures that have become loose over time.

Improve confidence

Here at St. Paul’s Square Dental in Birmingham, we understand the impact that missing teeth can have on your confidence and self-esteem. Whether or not you take the way you look seriously, even the most carefree types can find themselves feeling self-conscious and less confident in how they look because of having teeth missing.

The great thing about dental implants in Birmingham is that there is no obvious difference between these and the remaining natural teeth – so you get to feel better about the way you look without having to give your secret away to anyone.

Better oral health

If you have a tooth or teeth missing, this can cause a significant impact on the dental structure. The gap that is left can allow the remaining teeth to move and shift over time. The result can be that the way the teeth are positioned can become distorted, and make you more vulnerable to gum disease – and to losing more of your teeth over time.

Avoid discomfort

When you have a tooth missing, the gap that remains is very vulnerable. If something touches it during the course of eating or drinking, this can cause a lot of discomfort. The result of this can be that you end up restricting your diet to avoid some foods that are especially bad for irritating the gap. This can be life-limiting and can affect your ability to enjoy social situations and time with family, as well as potentially having an impact on your career.

A superior alternative to dentures

People who wear dentures can find that their speech is affected when they become loose or move around in the mouth. This can be embarrassing and make you feel very self-conscious. Loose dentures can also put the brakes on your enjoyment of some foods, as you may not feel confident in your ability to bite into an apple or chew on some meat.

Dentures in general are often much more conspicuous than implants, so they’re not the best choice if discretion is an important priority. Dental implants look completely natural and behave like ordinary teeth; and this is why more and more of our patients choose this treatment as the best possible option for resolving the issue of missing teeth.

We will work with you to ensure that implant treatment meets your expectations, so contact us to find out how to get started.

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