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Whilst our baby teeth, or ‘milk teeth’, are meant to fall out naturally over time, our adult teeth are designed to remain firmly embedded within our jaws. So much so, that the enamel - the front most layer of tooth - is actually the densest and strongest part of the human body. That said, this doesn’t not mean that your teeth are unbreakable. If an adult tooth is lost or damaged beyond repair, it is imperative that patients seek out the aid of a trusted dental practitioner such as us here at St Pauls Square Dental Practice, to receive dental implants in Birmingham that will fully restore the structural integrity of their teeth as well as their smile.

A whole lot of problems

Poor oral hygiene, and gum disease are the most common causes of tooth loss in adults. Life’s inherently unpredictable nature also plays a role in tooth loss, by causing accidents to happen - such as falling over during a game of football, or just plain falling over. Whatever the reason behind a tooth being lost, it’s important that you are aware of the seriously impactful effects that leaving it untreated can have on your overall oral health as well as your well-being. One of the most visibly detectable effects of having an untreated missing tooth, is the loss of bone density within the patient's jaw. Similar to how muscle mass is maintained through exercise, density within the bone tissue of your jaw is maintained through pressure and chewing. However, if a tooth is missing for a sustained period of time, this stimulation ceases and the bone density around the missing tooth decreases as it is dispersed elsewhere. This often results in the entire facial structure of the patient becoming altered, and their perceived age being increased. Your oral health is one of the most influential factors in your overall health, as - if left untreated - oral health issues can often pave the way for more detrimental health problems arising elsewhere in the body. These include endocarditis - which is a disease in the inner lining of your heart - and heart disease.

Putting back the pieces

Thankfully however, these issues can all be avoided and your smile fully restored to its former glory, thanks to the installation of dental implants. Unlike other forms of treatment for missing teeth - such as crowns or dentures - implants are a permanent solution to missing teeth which work, and feel similar to natural teeth. Additionally, unlike other forms of restorative treatment for missing teeth, implants are unlikely to affect the surrounding teeth within your mouth, keeping you smiling for years yet. The process of receiving dental implants from us here at St Paul's Dental Practice initially involves the administration of local anaesthetic - after a consultation period prior to beginning the procedure - to ensure that the patient does not experience any discomfort during the installation process. Then a small hole is surgically drilled within the gum of the patient, in the space where their missing tooth ought to be. Next, a titanium-alloy socket is inserted into the hole, and given time to heal. The socket is constructed from titanium-alloy as it has the unique ability to fuse itself within the patient's jawbone. After a short healing period, which allows this fusion to take place, a replica tooth constructed from plastic or porcelain is then placed within the socket and the patient’s smile is fully restored in a way which will afford them all the luxuries of a full set of natural teeth.

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