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How do I ensure the longevity of my dental implants?

Implantation procedures involving dental implants in Birmingham enjoy a high degree of success rate. At St Pauls Square Dental Practice before our experienced dental practitioners can carry out a procedure, they take every precautionary measure to ensure that the patient’s oral condition is conducive to receiving dental implants in Birmingham, as this is a sure-fire way to protect the outcome of the procedure.

In addition to ideal proper treatment planning, there are additional measures the patients themselves can implement to ensure they enjoy a longer life of service from their dental implants in Birmingham.

How patients can look after tooth root replacement implants

● Proper dental health maintenance

Unlike other types of tooth restoration alternatives that can be affected by tooth decay and tooth fractures, this is not the case with tooth implants. This does not mean that a patient can neglect their dental health, as implant failure is possible. There are a few reasons that may result in implant failure with poor dental health being a common one. Gum health needs to be religiously maintained to limit the development of infections that can reduce the capacity of the gums to fully support the implanted artificial tooth root.

● Patients making the best choice of implant dentist to perform the procedure

The number of implants that will have to support the number of missing teeth is a critical factor in successful implantation. This is because an inexperienced dental practitioner may rely on fewer implants than is really needed, and in so doing, place undue stress on the implants used to do the job. Or, due to inexperience the dental practitioner may not choose the most appropriate sites in the jawbone for implantation which can also place implants under duress that results in implant failure.

● Keep pre-existing medical conditions under control

It is accepted by dental practitioners that poorly-controlled medical conditions can negatively affect the outcomes of dental treatments like tooth implants. Patients who have medical conditions to manage must do so as recommended by medical professionals to lower the risk of implant failure. Uncontrolled diabetes, in particular, is cause for great concern as high sugar levels in the body hinder it from healing properly from surgical procedures.

● Keep a check on potential dental problems

It does not mean that because artificial teeth are more robust than natural teeth that they do not need looking after. Certain dental conditions such as bone density loss can affect artificial teeth which is why regular check-ups at dental practices are still required at scheduled intervals for early detection of a problem.

● Avoid smoking

The problem with smoking for a patient who has received implantation is that the habit impedes the post-procedural healing process that needs to take place in the gums. Without optimal healing, there is the risk that the implanted artificial root may not fuse properly into the jawbone and fall out at some stage.

Want more tips and advice on how to secure the service life of tooth replacement implants for the longer term? Speak to one of our dental practitioners at St Pauls Square Dental Practice.

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