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Endodontics in Birmingham, when do you need this branch of dentistry?

Have you ever suffered from searing mouth pain, far worse than your average toothache? We are talking about discomfort so agonising that it cannot even be cured with a strong painkiller administered by a medical professional.

We consider experiences like these dental emergencies, the likes of which cannot be remedied by your general dentist but under the expertise of an endodontist.

St Pauls Square Dental Practice is equipped to deal with these types of issues and can help you through your ordeal by treating the pain and finding the source of the problem.

What could be the cause of your pain?

Endodontics in Birmingham is the study of the insides of your tooth, commonly known as the pulp. The pulp, comprising of nerves and soft tissue, is the epicentre of a tooth. When the pulp becomes infected, whether it is because of poor dental hygiene or an injury, problems like extreme pain will follow, and might lead to a mouth abscess if it is not treated in time.

Why can an endodontist help me and not my local dentist?

After dental school, an endodontist-in-training specialises in a particular branch of dentistry known as endodontics in Birmingham.

The role of an endodontist is twofold. He or she will provide you with temporary relief from your discomfort while trying to find where the pain stems from, and administer treatment accordingly.

Treatment is usually root canal therapy, a surgical procedure that an endodontist performs on a daily basis. If you are told that you need a root canal and feel nervous at the thought, calm your nerves, knowing it is a routine procedure for an endodontist.

Why choose root canal therapy over an extraction?

When your tooth is tender beyond comprehension, the chances are that you have thought of having it removed from your mouth altogether to be done with the pain. This might create other problems - you will have a gap between your teeth, and the structure of your jawbone is compromised because overtime, the surrounding tissue will deteriorate from being under- utilised.

A missing tooth needs a replacement, which often comes in the form of dentures, dental implants or bridges. An extraction coupled with a restorative treatment is more expensive than undergoing root canal therapy.

What is a root canal?

Root canal therapies have a bad press which makes people hesitant and sometimes outright terrified about getting one. The truth is the misconceptions are undeserved, because root canal therapy is not as bad or as painful as it is made out to be.

When undergoing a root canal, you are already in a great deal of pain, and the purpose of the surgery is to get rid of the pain, not add to it. The endodontist will also administer anaesthesia, so discomfort that you might feel is minimal and can be compared to having a cavity filled.

A root canal involves removing the infected pulp, disinfecting the empty site and either filling the space with a temporary filling or letting the tooth sit for a few days so that it can fully drained of toxins. On your next appointment with us, we will remove your temporary filling and replace it with a permanent one.

Experiencing a pain in your mouth that you cannot control with an Ibuprofen? Endodontics in Birmingham is a realm of dentistry that deals with pain management and the elimination of infected pulp.

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