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If you have trouble with your root canal because of infection, you’ll need to seek the services of an endodontist in Birmingham. Here at St Pauls Square Dental Practice, we have many years of experience in providing solutions for infected root canals. After you visit our experienced Birmingham endodontist, you’ll be free from the discomfort caused by the original infection.

Why might I need to see the endodontist in Birmingham?

The interior pulp of your tooth, which is home to vital nerves and blood vessels, can sometimes become infected. Often, this happens because of tooth decay. However, it can also happen through injury to the teeth, for example while playing sports. When this interior part of your tooth is infected, you may notice some discomfort, but that’s not the end of the story. The infection can spread further into the root canal of your tooth, causing even greater discomfort. Left untreated, an abscess may develop, and you might need to have the tooth removed. At any stage of this process, you will benefit from the attention of an experienced endodontist in Birmingham.

What happens to the tooth?

The dentist will use their skills and contemporary dental appliances to remove all of the infection from your tooth. You will have received a local anaesthetic beforehand, so the procedure will feel as comfortable as the placement of a routine filling. Once the infected material is removed, the dentist will clean the root canal area to guard against any further infection. Then you’ll receive a temporary filling. After a specified length of time, you’ll return to the Birmingham endodontist so they can check that your tooth is still free from infection, and give you a permanent filling.

Making sure

Going to the endodontist in Birmingham ensures your teeth are given the attention of a skilled and experienced dentist. Root canal treatment is an important dental procedure, and afterwards you’ll be on track for better oral health in the future. Each individual patient will have slightly different needs, and with our technology we can provide a level of precision that helps your teeth to stay healthy and strong.

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