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Dental infection solutions

Infected teeth are a serious dental concern. When the soft material in your tooth’s interior succumbs to infection, you will probably experience intense discomfort. To remove the infection and neutralise the discomfort, you will need to see a provider of endodontics in Birmingham. At St Pauls Square Dental Practice, we offer effective and speedy solutions to people seeking endodontics in Birmingham.

The benefits of endodontics in Birmingham

The soft interior of your tooth is home to its blood vessels and nerves. Infections in this area usually happen for one of two reasons: advanced tooth decay, or injury. Once the infection has reached this part of your tooth’s interior, it may spread further, into your tooth’s root canal. If you don’t treat this infection, an abscess could form, which will be very uncomfortable and may lead to the tooth being removed. Endodontics in Birmingham can provide a solution to this unwanted situation at any stage of its development. If you’re at all concerned by a nagging sensation in one of your teeth, book yourself an appointment at our friendly dental practice.

Fixing the problem

Endodontics in Birmingham will address your infected tooth in several stages. The first involves our dentist removing all the infected material from the tooth. You’ll be given a local anaesthetic which ensures you remain comfortable throughout this procedure. The time it takes will vary depending on the nature of the infection. After all the infected material has been taken out, the area around your root canal is then cleaned, to guard against further infection. You’ll be given a temporary filling and asked to return to the practice at a later date. During this follow-up appointment, we’ll double-check that the infection hasn’t returned, and give you a permanent filling.

Methodical improvements

Endodontics in Birmingham is a thorough process that aims to give you a future free from dental decay and infection. Each procedure is tailored to the needs of the individual, and we use contemporary technology that delivers a high degree of precision. If you’ve been coping with the effects of infection for some time, this essential treatment will transform your overall oral health for the better.

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