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Clear braces in Birmingham for self-conscious teens and adults

Clear braces are referred to by many names, but Invisalign and Clear Correct, are the two main providers that supply the aligners, and invisible braces.

Whatever name you refer to them by, this brace system comprises of a series of clear retainers that work slowly to straighten your teeth.

We recommend clear braces in Birmingham to our patients with confidence issues who refuse to wear conventional metal braces. They do not want their appearance to suffer as the result of a metallic smile, but they do not want to walk through life with crooked teeth either.

We have seen patients with all types of tooth imperfections - overcrowded mouths, overbites and misalignments - that we were able to fix with clear braces, yielding results that matched people's expectations.

Fast results and realistic expectations

People using conventional straightening devices are likely to have no clue what the end result will look like, this can mean impossible-to-achieve expectations and bitter disappointment by the end of treatment.

Using our state-of-the-art scanner, you will know how your teeth should look from day one. Our scanner takes images of your mouth to put together a treatment programme that outlines how your teeth will move over time until they have reached their desired position.

How aligners work to straighten your teeth

We take digital impressions of your teeth, which we send to the lab to produce custom-designed aligners that are made to fit over your pearly whites comfortably.

Throughout your treatment, you will receive multiple sets of aligners that you will need to replace every one to two weeks. Each set is a different shape from the last, the intention of which is to adjust the position of teeth very gradually.

The many benefits of clear braces in Birmingham

Clear braces are a popular method of straightening teeth because the device used for treatment is nearly invisible. For people who do not like attention from having a metallic smile and getting food stuck in wires, clear braces might be the right solution. Made from highly durable and colourless plastic, you can slip them in and wear them throughout the day to work, on dates and interviews, and social activities with friends with nobody being the wiser.

Another positive feature includes their removable nature. Unlike metal braces where you have to adjust your lifestyle, you can carry on with your life unhindered by the restrictions of braces - simply remove your tray when you want to eat and brush your teeth.

The do’s and don'ts of clear braces

  • Do not forget to replace your retainer after eating, drinking and brushing your teeth. Yielding effective results relies partly on you; if you do not wear them for the prescribed 22 out of 24 hours, you will have to wear clear braces for longer.

  • Do not lose your retainer. Losing one out of negligence will be an added expense that you have to pay out for.

  • Do change your retainer every two weeks to ensure that your teeth move into their desired position over time.

Are you considering clear braces in Birmingham? Get in touch with our orthodontist to see whether you are a suitable candidate for this orthodontic device.

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