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Braces in Birmingham – more than just a beauty treatment

Are you thinking about getting your teeth straightened? What’s stopping you? For many people, it’s the idea of having to wear braces that will interfere with their work image. For others, it’s the idea of discomfort. For others, it’s the misguided belief that cosmetic braces in Birmingham only have aesthetic benefits and getting teeth straightened is an act of pure self-indulgence.

Let’s take a look at these ideas and see if they hold any water.

Braces and your work image

It is true that traditional metal braces are heavily associated with being an adolescent and this is what puts many people off wearing braces in Birmingham.

However, dental researchers have come up with various devices that are far more discreet than old-style metal braces. Here at St Pauls Square Dental Practice, we have a great range of discreet braces. Some are invisible once they are in place. Others go behind the teeth instead of in front, so they are completely hidden.

It’s possible to get your teeth straightened and no one be any the wiser about what you are up to. You get to keep your professional image intact, indeed it improves every week as your teeth seem to straighten themselves out with no visible help.

Braces are for the vain

Yes, getting your teeth straightened will improve how you look, but there are other reasons to go through treatment with braces in Birmingham.

Firstly, straighter teeth are much easier to keep clean. When the teeth line up correctly, there are fewer difficult-to-reach places for plaque and tartar to build up. Plaque gives off acids that corrode tooth enamel, allowing decay-causing bacteria to enter. The acids also attack and inflame the gums, and then the bone and tooth roots underneath them.

Secondly, when the teeth are correctly aligned, they work better together to evenly spread out the powerful forces created by chewing. When only a few take the brunt of the pressure, they are more likely to crumble and fail.

Thirdly, having a great smile can do wonders for your self-esteem, with powerful knock-on effects in your social and work life.

Come on in and let’s get started on your treatment.


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