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Male – Fillings and Bridge

Age 29

Location – Warwick

Service is always great, quality of work is fantastic and I am now a lot happier with my smile. Money well spent. I just wish I had come to St Pauls Square Dental Practice years ago!

Male – Implant,

Age 35

Location – Solihull

Money well spent, so much better than my previous dental experiences – fantastic service!

Male – Implant, Endodontic and Fillings

Age 44

Location – Halesowen

So much better than my previous dental experiences – fantastic service!

Female – Fillings and Crowns

Age 60

Location – Edgbaston

Fabulous service highly recommended!



Female – Fillings and Crowns

Age 62

Location – West Midlands

I would like to say thank you for all the care and treatment I have received.



Male – Fillings and Smile Makeover

Age 39

Location – Wolverhampton

There are not many words I can actually type in order to say how pleased, satisfied and my appreciation to ALL members of staff, at St Pauls Square Dental Practice – other than I’ve had a great experience from day one, that being just over 4 weeks ago! Once again, congrats to ALL, and many thanks for my NEW SMILE.

We are excited to announce that St Pauls Square Dental Practice will be hosting an

Invisalign Open Day


 Fri 14th and Sat 15th October at 9.00am

This revolutionary treatment gradually moves your teeth to give you the beautiful smile you have always wanted. Invisalign uses a series of nearly invisible, completely removable plastic Aligners to straighten your teeth – without braces or wires. You can still enjoy all your favourite foods, and brush and floss normally!

We have a special offer for the evening only;

Free Consultation and full treatment at just £2500

on Invisalign Treatments accepted on the day.


 Call us to book your place as availability is limited to the evening

0121 2330867


Now that my treatment is completed I am writing to tell you how wonderful my teeth are and how confident I feel with their appearance. For years I had put off and put off grasping the nettle and getting my teeth dealt with; the longer I put it off the harder it was, until one day when someone was really blunt if not plain rude and I realised just how awful I had allowed the situation to become.

Until yourself, and the rest of your really kind and helpful team helped, months later (and admittedly a few £s lighter) I have 8 implants half a dozen or so veneers and an attractive set of teeth that I can tackle the world with!

I enjoy eating crunchy apples and smiling openly and spontaneously once again without fear or embarrassment.

I’m really grateful to you for your kind professional attention. I’m sure that your strict attention to hygiene during the implant procedures ensured that despite the extensive workI had no infections at any stage.

I know that I could have gone to Eastern Europe for a cheaper job but I am just so glad that I didn’t, your attention to detail, and support and encouragement throughout has been invaluable.

My teeth are now widely admired and I cant help noticing how many people there are out there who need your help.

Kind regards, Mike

I would just like to say that I was and I am so happy with the result of my dental work with you. From the moment of being introduced to your base and you team I felt comfortable. You have a wonderful team all down to earth and empathetic individuals. They were very comforting to me at all times, there people include the secretaries, the hygienist, the nurses and yourself of course. I was so afraid of injections prior to coming to your team and now after having however many injections I boast to others that I am someone who can take on a dental injection anytime. In fact you and I both know that the reason I am able to say that is because I felt such minimal pain when I remember running away from the doctors surgery when it was time for my tetanus jab!

I cannot believe how much confidence I gained after having my dental work, for me it was so important because my big wedding day was approaching. You can see it in the pictures I had a hard job trying to stop smiling and I am often wandering what would have happened if i had not had the dental work. “Would I have smiled on my wedding day?” I was so happy with the result it gave me a whole new approach to how I communicated with people. Before I was very conscious of my teeth now its something I almost show off about. I am so happy with it all.

For me what topped it off was seeing my teeth in the wedding pictures, I can sit there and look at myself and I feel great. You guys really are a good team and every step of the way I fely assured because it is a scary business. I think you know when you are ready to have this kind of work done but it always helps having the professionals talk through their own experiences, and understand that it is a hard decission to make.

I never felt pushed or backed into a corner, my thoughts about what I wanted were always valued and that’s what really counts.

Dinesh you’re an excellent dentist and I would recommend you and your team to all about to be brides any day. I am even considering looking into a career in the beauty world and I have been approached for bridal modelling….who would have thought hey!!

Thanks again guys for everything, Shaz

When choosing your ideal dental practice many factors should be considered. Contemporary advance in dental technology and techniques offer the potential to change your perception of dentistry.

Your journey should begin in a calm and relaxing setting with facilities suited to your individual needs. The Practice Team should ensure your comfort at all times, and be available to allay any concerns and provide you with education pertaining to any treatments requested or required.

Your Dentist should have the most up to date skill set which is achieved by attendance of post graduate training courses in the UK and abroad.

In the surgery facilities such as intra- oral cameras and plasma screen televisions will allow you to discover and visualise the findings of your clinical exam.

“A picture tells a thousand stories”

The surgery should offer the latest technology…

3D digital scans are now fully available which allow for capturing the most detailed diagnostic information. Dental Lasers have had much exposure in the media recently. Their exciting development offers the potential for drill free, anaesthetic free fillings which are ideal for children and dental phobics.

Remember your treatment continues once you have left the surgery.

Your practice should make regular contact as treatment commences to ensure you’re continued satisfaction and proper maintenance.

“Now that’s something we can all smile about”